Tips To Keep Your Draperies Looking And Smelling Good In Between Cleanings

19 December 2014
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Like other items in your home, your draperies collect dust and debris, and much of this debris comes from ceilings fans and heater vents that send these particles free-floating through your home. Debris also settles on curtains due to normal vacuuming and dusting of your home.

Your drapes acts as a barrier, too. When your windows are open they absorb dirt and moisture form the outdoors. All this can make our draperies look, and sometimes smell, bad. And, it's too much work to take down drapes and clean them weekly; it will also wear them out faster. So, you need a few tips to keep your draperies at their best between cleanings.

Remove Surface Debris

Vacuuming your curtains using the soft-bristled attachment is a great way to reduce the amount of dust and other debris that collect on curtains, and you can do this as little or as much as you like. However, not everyone has a vacuum with attachments. If all you have is an upright vacuum with no extras, you can buy a lint roller for just a few dollars. 

You can run the lint rollers over your drapes starting at the top and working your way down. The stickiness picks up dirt, hair, dust and fuzz off your curtains to keep them looking nice in between cleanings. 

Remove Odors

Your curtains may start to smell less than fresh in between cleanings. To bring back the fresh smell, you can rub a fabric softener sheet along along the drapes. This sheets leave a lingering scent on the curtain fabric. 

Another alternative is to buy the freshener sprays sold at your locals supermarket. These fabric freshener sprays can remove odors and leave a fresh scent — or no scent at all. If you want to remove odors without leaving a scent behind, there are unscented varieties of fabric refresher sprays. 

Remove Stains

If you notice spots or stains on your drapes, clean them right away. One gentle method of treating spots is to use baby powder. Just sprinkle it on a clean, dry toothbrush and rub it on the stain. The baby powder doesn't harm the fabric, but does remove dirt. This is a good method for small smudges, stains, and spots. 

If you have custom or high-quality drapery from a company like Desernia Designs, you want to keep them in their best conditions. These tips can help keep your drapes looking clean, even if it's been a while since their last cleaning. When it comes time to take them down and clean them, make sure to follow any instructions. If they are dry clean only, or if you are not sure how to clean them, call in the professionals. Professional carpet cleaners and maid services often offer drapery cleaning services as well.