4 Critical Benefits Of Using A Water Softener

7 January 2015
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According to statistics, 85 percent of water sources in the United States have hard water. This typically happens when a water passes through rocks or other substances and absorbs these elements. The water is considered hard when there is a great deal of mineral deposits found throughout.

If you have hard water, you can use a water softener to make sure that you decrease the mineral content and make the water suitable for drinking once again. With this in mind, consider the following benefits of using a water softener:

#1: You Will Have Better Skin And Hair

Hard water can be rough on the skin, hair and nails. One of the reasons for this is that it causes your skin to be dry, since the minerals strip away moisture. Also, the water makes it harder for soap and shampoo to lather, which means that you will not be able to wash as thoroughly or effectively when using your products. Using a water softener will allow you to retain the level of moisture and dermatologic health that you expect. 

#2: You Will Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Hard water contains scale, which makes your water heating system work harder. When your hot water heater has to work harder, it will expend more energy and cost you more money on a monthly basis. Installing a water softener will make it a lot easier for your water to heat, so that you can take hot showers at a lesser cost. 

#3: Your Home Will Be Cleaner

Hard water has to work more strenuously when used in cleaning and will often leave streaks and stains. This applies when you are doing dishes, washing clothes and cleaning surfaces. You will notice that your silverware will be cleaner and will not have a foggy residue once you install a water softener. These benefits will improve your home overall, allowing you to increase cleanliness throughout. 

#4: Your Drinking Water Will Improve

If you regularly drink tap water, make tea, coffee or lemonade, home brew your beer or otherwise ingest water from the tap, you will definitely want to invest in a water softener. The taste and crispness of soft water is a huge improvement, since it is free of minerals that do not belong. As an added bonus, you will save the money that you would otherwise spend on bottled water, to get the same level of refreshment. 

Consider these benefits as you shop around for the water softener that will work best for you. To learn more, contact a company like Johnson Water Conditioning with any questions.