5 Reasons You Should Replace The Windows In Your Home ASAP

22 January 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Everyone knows that old windows that let in air are in need of replacement. Air coming in through the windows will increase your utility bills and cause an unwanted draft in your home. Everyone also knows that if your windows leak rainwater, you should replace them. However, there are other reasons why your windows may be causing more damage than you know, and a few of them you may have never even thought of:

  1. Faded Furniture: Windows that let in too many UV rays can lead to faded furniture, drapery, carpets, and artwork. New, energy-efficient windows provide protection so your furniture will last longer and your home will retain its bright colors.
  2. Old, Hard to Clean Windows: If you windows are difficult to clean, it is time for an upgrade. The technology that has been put into creating new, energy-efficient, easy-to-clean windows makes taking care of them a breeze. Also, if your windows are too old, it will get difficult to find replacement parts if something breaks or rusts.
  3. Noisy Neighbors: You may be under the impression that your neighbors have recently kicked up the noise level a notch. Chances are though, unless you've gotten new neighbors, your windows probably just need to be replaced. Old windows tend to let in more noise than new, soundproof windows. And not only will you be blocking out the noisy neighbors, but you'll also be blocking out the sound of cars, airplanes, and the sounds of nature.
  4. Fixed Windows: You may be used to your fixed windows that don't open, but imagine a house in the middle of spring with all of your windows open and fresh air flowing through, cleaning the air in your home. One of the best ways to keep the air in your home fresh and clean is to open your windows. If you have fixed windows, it's time to replace them.
  5. Fire Hazard: Old windows tend to get stuck and can be difficult to open. If your home catches on fire, this is a fire hazard. If the doors are blocked by flames, how will you escape? Even if you can open your windows, can your little ones? Will they be able to get out in case of an emergency? The same goes for burglaries or any other emergency when an escape route is necessary.

New windows can be expensive. Some people choose to replace one side of the house at a time, or one floor at a time. Whatever route you choose to take, new windows are an expense that everyone should budget in. They will save your furniture, make cleaning easier, block out noise, clean the air in your home, and provide a safety feature that can't be beat.

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