Keep The Critters Out Of Your Garden Without Needing A Hazmat Suit

26 January 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


The family garden can be a source of pride and nourishment all summer long, unless the birds, squirrels, bugs and weeds get to it first. The easiest thing to do is go out and buy a bottle of chemicals, and spray down your plants. However, if this garden is a source of food for your family, are the contents of that bottle actually safe for your family? Also, what about the environment? Are there ways to save your garden without sacrificing the environment or your family's health? Here are some non-toxic ideas for pest control in your garden. 


One of the most environmentally friendly ways to get rid of rodents and even some bugs in your garden is to trap them. There are many types of catch and release traps where the animal can be taken to a different location to be let go, but there are also traps that are capable of destroying the pest such as bug baits and mosquito lanterns. 

Fencing and Netting

If your garden problem is birds or larger animals such as deer, a great solution may be to use fencing or netting to set a physical boundary for your garden. Many pest control supply companies, like ASE Pest & Weed Supplies, sell these items for an affordable price. So, unless you are looking for something a bit more permanent such as a chain link fence or a greenhouse, these are not only an environmentally friendly approach, but they can also be quite friendly to your budget.

Weed Control

Pulling weeds can be back-breaking work, but a well-weeded garden is a great start to keeping pesky grasses out of your crops. Start by making sure that your garden has been weeded well, then look for less-intense chemical solutions. There are weed killers that are environmentally friendly, and target only the weeds. There are also fertilizers that suppress weeds while still nourishing the plants. Just make sure to check the labels so that you don't end up creating your own GMO crop. 


One less-conventional method for controlling bugs and other pests such as aphids in your garden is to attract natural predators of these insects. A small group of ladybugs can wipe out an aphid problem in a matter of days. Attract ladybugs to your garden by planting white flowers around the areas where you would like them to congregate, and make sure that you are not using chemicals or traps that are hazardous to them.

Home gardening can be both rewarding and challenging. By using a delicate balance of equipment, treatments, and natural resources, you can be enjoying fresh, healthy produce all summer long.