2 Types Of Furniture That Can Make Your Living Room Stand Out

24 February 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Buying new living room furniture can be a lot of fun, but it can be hard to find living room furniture that can make your living room unique. Two types of living room furniture that can make your living room stand out are floor couches and versatile couches.

Floor Couches

Floor couches are an interesting departure from the couches most people are used to, mostly because they are designed to be extremely low. In most cases, floor couches simply consist of cushions on a very low frame that rests directly on the floor. This type of furniture is a great way to give your home a more exotic feel, especially if you are looking to create a Japanese theme for your home.

These couches can also provide quite a few other benefits, such as cutting down on the amount of cleaning that you will have to do. Since these couches rest directly on the floor, there is no space underneath where your pets can lose their toys, or for dust and allergens to accumulate. 

Another benefit to these couches is that they are often designed to be modular. This means that you can build the exact couch you want for your space and arrange it however you like.

For example, you can choose to use the parts to make a single long couch along a wall, or you can build an L-shaped couch if you have a smaller space to work with. Unlike traditional couches, you are not going to be stuck with a single arrangement either. The individual parts of these couches are easy to detach from one another, which makes moving or rearranging the couch quite easy.

Versatile Couches

Another great piece of living room furniture that can make your home stand out is a couch that is versatile. There are quite a few different options available for versatile couches.

For example, you can purchase a couch that has multiple hidden compartments to store your remotes or game console controllers. Some of these couches will even go a step further and provide fold down armrests with built-in cup holders. 

Another versatile couch that you can purchase is one that actually needs to be plugged into a power source. The reason this couch needs to be plugged into a power source is because the couch incorporates USB ports. This is a great feature because it lets you have a convenient place to recharge your phone, tablet, or handheld gaming device without having to stop using the device.

Visit a furniture store such as Town and Country Furniture in order to see all of the great living room furniture options that are available to you. Floor-level couches are a great option if you want a modular and unique look for your home, while versatile couches can provide additional storage or tech features to ensure that you get the most out of your couch.