Create A Colorful Balcony With Easy Planting Tips

5 March 2015
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If you lack a traditional yard in your current home, there are some ways to create an alluring garden on a patio or even a balcony. A balcony may seem like an unlikely place to plant flowers, herbs, and even trees, but with some containers and smart choices when buying plants, you can create a beautiful green-space that you will be proud to show off.

Some tips regarding planting a garden on your balcony include the following:


The basic rules-of-thumb for gardening apply to balcony gardens, as well. Use your taller plants and trees in the back, and position shorter flowers, herbs, or cover in the front. Gather a variety of pots and containers to hold your plants, making sure that they provide adequate drainage through the bottom to discourage root-rot.


Annual plants are those that will bloom but need to be replanted year after year. Some good choices for a balcony include those that don't require deep soil and that can be planted in shallow container gardens. A few annuals to try include Nigella, Celosia, and Dwarf Marigolds, which also keep bugs away.


Some perennial plants that will bloom at least two years or longer, make a great option for those that don't have a lot of time to spend re-planting their balcony gardens. For example, Geraniums will bloom in spring and summer, coming back next year as well. Other popular perennials include fragrant Verbena and many different varieties of daisies.

Climbing plants

Climbing plants and vines are excellent options for balconies because the plant can grow and fill-in the rails, guards, or fencing around your space. This creates a natural border and barrier that provides privacy and a pleasant atmosphere to your outdoor area. Try simple climbing plants such as English Ivy, Black-eyed Susan vine, and Passion Flower.


Imagine going out on your balcony, and being able to snip and pick fresh fruit to enjoy throughout the day. Plant Kaffir lime trees, typically around four-feet high, in large, deep pots and line them around your patio or balcony. Some other feasible options for these spaces include the Dwarf Fig or High-bush Blueberry trees.

Just because you live in a high-rise studio or a second-story apartment, there is no reason why you can't enjoy a bountiful and beautiful garden this summer. Try these strategies to make your balcony a serene and lovely garden that you enjoy spending time in. This also brings an inviting and intriguing place to entertain to these unlikely dwellings.

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