How To Choose Furniture For Your New Homeschool Space

28 May 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


One of the prevailing homeschool philosophies is that learning happens everywhere. Despite that, many homeschoolers are building dedicated learning spaces in their homes. If you're getting started with homeschooling and want to have a space that's specific for learning, choosing the right furniture is essential. The goal is to build an environment that's comfortable and makes it easy to learn. Here are some guidelines that might help you build the space you need for your kids to learn at home.

Choosing Furniture

Once you know where you're establishing your learning space, you need to put some focus on furnishings. Start with the necessities to get things rolling, then you can always add to the space as you have the need. Here are some suggestions to help you choose furniture that will be a good fit:

  • Work Spaces – When you're furnishing a space for young children, think small. Choose tables and chairs that fit your child's height. Creating workspaces that are at his or her height make the atmosphere more inviting for kids. And, since early education focuses on learning how to write and read, the table and chairs make a vital investment.
  • Modular Furnishings – For compact spaces, modular furniture may be the best way to capitalize on what you have. When you can mix and match styles, sizes and types of furniture, you can make things fit more easily. For example, you can invest in corner desks to keep the work table out of the middle of the floor. Then, you can choose single drawer units that will fit under the table for storage that doesn't take up floor space. Modular furniture gives you the freedom to choose just what you need while still creating a cohesive, organized space.
  • Creature Comforts – One of the advantages to teaching your children at home is the freedom to teach them in complete comfort. Create a reading space that encourages your kids to curl up with a great book. Consider investing in overstuffed pillows, large bean bag chairs and bright, soft throw rugs for a corner that's outfitted with bookshelves and baskets full of reading material.

Considering Details

Remember that any furniture you choose is going to see a lot of use. Choose something that's built to last, and don't underestimate safety. Choose furniture with rounded corners, cushioned edges and easy-to-clean finishes. That way, not only do you reduce the risk of injuries from over-excited kids, but also the risk of stains from spills and overzealous artists. Sealed wood furniture and laminate surfaces are the best options for this. Since they're sealed or coated, it protects the finish.

The more comfortable and practical you can make your homeschool space, the easier it will be to encourage your children's natural creativity. Talk with a local furniture store about the best fits for your children.