Tips For Safely Moving In The Winter

14 October 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Moving in the winter might seem like a pain, but can be done successfully with a few precautions. Whether you are dealing with rain or snow, it is important to up your safety and measures to keep homes clean. Here are four tips to help plan your move in the winter months.

1. Pay Attention to the Weather Forecast

You might be busy packing up your home, but don't forget to look out the window and plan for the weather as well. If you are moving far, be sure to keep clothing and supplies you will need handy somewhere that can be accessed right away when you arrive. If you can try your best to avoid moving during big storms coming your way your move will be safer and more efficient.

2. Get Movers Who are Prepared for Inclement Weather

Don't battle a move on your own in bad weather. Movers will have trucks and equipment that can handle this. It is best to avoid slips and falls in the rain or on ice or driving rental moving trucks in bad weather. It is much safer to hire on professionals who are used to moving in any kind of weather and are prepared for this.

3. Keep Your Home and Housewares Free from Damage

Rain and snow can make for a mess during a move if you aren't careful. Make sure to have plastic wrap ready to protect valuable housewares while these are being transported outdoors. Moving will involve multiple trips in and out of your home, so be sure to put down mats or towels in high traffic areas to catch mud and protect your flooring. Have towels on the ready in your new home to wipe off rain and snow from your household items before bringing these into your new home.

4. Board Your Pets on Move Day

Moving will turn your house upside down, but one thing that you should try to avoid is pets getting loose on moving day. Especially in winter months, cats might hide if it starts to rain or animals can end up lost and scared in freezing weather. It is best if your pets aren't around for the chaos of moving day. Board cats and dogs until you are ready to safely and calmly introduce them to their new home.

There are lots of loose ends to take care of when moving, and adding bad weather to the mix can make this even more overwhelming. Make sure that you are prepared so that winter weather doesn't get the best of your move. Make sure that your family and your things are safe when moving in the winter months.