Unique Ideas For Remodeling Your Kitchen

28 November 2015
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you're remodeling your kitchen, you might as well go all the way to make it a kitchen like no other. Here are some ideas that will help you design something that could even appear in a decorating magazine. 

The Walls - Old metal decorations would be a great wall covering. Even though you will probably have to search extensively, look for things like antique tin serving trays, old cookie sheets, metal pie plates, hammered brass charger plates, and pewter serving dishes. When you have found a wide variety of metal pieces, use them to cover at least one of your kitchen walls from top to bottom. The different colors of metal and the different textures used together will form a very interesting pattern that may turn out to be the focus of your kitchen.

If you don't like to display metal pots or pans, but still want texture on your walls, another idea is to use tiles of different colors and designs. Saltillo tile mixed with Talavera tile would be nice because the two would complement each other.

The Furniture - Think of bringing the outdoors into your kitchen. For example, a wrought-iron patio table and chairs would be one idea since they use organic shapes from the outdoors, but still have a modern look that will match other metal furnishings. If you have created a metal wall focal point, use either metal gray or mustard gold stains to accent the wrought-iron furniture. If you decided to use Saltillo or Talavera tile, paint furniture in deep tones like Alizarin crimson or Royal blue to make your kitchen colors pop.

Another good choice for your kitchen furniture would be to use an antique--or an antique replica--wooden table and to select mismatched ladder-back chairs to accompany it. If you have the space, rocking chairs with colorful seat cushions would be a great place for visiting.

The Appliances - If you've gone with metal for your wall treatment, copper appliances would definitely add to the unique feeling for which you are searching. If you went with a tile wall treatment, bold colors such as red hues and turquoise would look nice on cabinets and appliances. However, make sure that you use a mix of cool colors with warm colors, that way the kitchen isn't too busy or overwhelming. 

The frosting on the cake would be the addition of a window seat with an eclectic collection of throw pillows. Not only would it be a fun place to relax, but it would also give you storage space for things like table linens and board games. Talk with a professional, like Bryce & Doyle, to see what other remodeling ideas could make your kitchen look unique!