Using Structures To Add Height To Your Landscape Design

19 January 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


Height is what can take a plain yard to a gorgeous landscape. There are many ways to add height, from growing plants of various heights or adding terraces to the yard. One of the simplest ways is to incorporate structures into the landscape. The following options can get you started.

Option #1: Trellises

Trellises are perhaps one of the least expensive options. You can get them in a variety of styles, from wood and vinyl to steel or wrought iron. Some can be secured into the ground with a long stake, while others are installed much like a fence panel with a support on either end. Although trellises are attractive on their own, they truly shine when covered in vines, such as ivy, or when dripping with flowers, such as from a climbing rose. A benefit of trellis panels is that they can be used to create living walls in the yard, such as to screen off an unattractive area or to provide privacy to a patio.

Option #2: Obelisks

Garden obelisks primarily serve a decorative purpose. Some are made to resemble certain items, such as an actual stone obelisk or even a wire-frame of the Eiffel Tower. Others are made of wood lattice or metal and are specifically made to be covered in plants. Heights range from a couple of feet to over six feet tall. Those made for plants look especially striking covered in quick growing vines, such as morning glories or black-eyed-susan vines. They also work well to make climbing vegetables, like beans and peas, look more ornamental.

Option #3: Pergolas

Pergolas can range in size from small ones meant to cover no more than a single garden bench to large ones that cover an entire patio area. These consist of four upright supports with a flat lattice top. Although you can grow nearly any type of climbing plant on a pergola, the most striking options are plants like wisteria. This is because the hanging flower bunches look striking overhead. Grapes are another popular option for growing on a pergola.

Option #4: Arches

Arches work well for marking an entrance. Use them as an entrance to the garden itself or place them over a pathway that leads to a bench or secluded garden bed in the landscape. Stepping through an arch adorned with climbing roses evening-blooming moonflowers can feel as though you are stepping through to another world.

Contact a local landscape design specialist for more ideas on adding vertical height with structures in your landscape.