Tricky Windows: What To Do With Your Front Door

12 February 2016
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Craftsman and French doors frequently feature glass panes, though these aren't the only styles with windows. The glass panes help open up the profile your front door presents. However, they also open up your front room to the sunlight and people looking in. Cover your front door window while still maintaining the open profile.

Double Curtain Rod

Door windows are tricky because the curtain can end up flapping every time you move the door. One solution is to mount two curtain rods. If your door is steel or has steel strips around the pane, look for curtain rods with magnetic installation. Some are even made for doors, so they come in two-packs. Otherwise, simply purchase two thin rods that fit the dimensions of your door. Either match the door color or select a neutral hue to keep the curtain rod in the background.

Gauzy Curtains

Since the point of having glass panes in your door is to create a light profile, you probably don't want to black out the window. Therefore, look for gauzy curtains. Some manufacturers make curtain panels especially for doors, so they have two pockets for the curtain rods. However, you can also select a lightweight fabric that suits your front room and have it accommodated to fit the window. The panel should stretch between the two rods without being taut or loose.

Creative Curtains

If you'd like to add some color or style to a foyer, consider getting creative with the front door curtain. Look for a fun print that adds a touch of whimsy to guests' entrance. You could even upcycle an old quilt, canvas or other fabric. Again, hang the panel with double curtain rods, and ensure a snug fit.

Pleated Fabric Shades

On the other hand, perhaps you want your door window treatment to maintain a low profile. If that's the case, consider having custom pleated fabric shades from a company like Spotless Shade & Blind CO installed. This window treatment works well for any door window style, though it's especially useful for full-length windows. Likewise, as Better Homes and Gardens points out, pleated fabric shades disappear when you roll them up.

Mini Blinds

Another low-profile option is to hang mini blinds. Similar to the curtain rods, some manufacturers even make magnetic versions for steel doors or steel-rimmed windows. Otherwise, look for blinds with narrow louvers that fit the glass pane's dimensions. Again, either match the door color or select a light neutral shade to minimize the blinds' impact on the décor.

Control the light and outside view by dressing your front door window.