Two Ways A Locksmith Can Keep Your Homeowner's Insurance Costs Lower

15 March 2016
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Protecting your home involves the security of a homeowner's insurance policy. Unfortunately, the cost of a policy can sometimes be expensive. Insurance premiums are based on risk assessments, which are especially important when it comes to burglary. The less secure your home, the greater the risk, so the more you have to pay for coverage. A locksmith can help in this area by making your home more secure and lowering your insurance cost, at the same time.

Biometric Lock Installation

When it comes to a break-in, it's simply not enough for the homeowner to say that their home has been burglarized. Before insurance companies pay claims, there generally needs to be signs of forced entry, such as a broken lock. If your house key somehow ends up in the hands of a thief who enters inside, your home will be without the necessary signs of forced entry. With this scenario, not only do you run the risk of your claim being denied, your premium could also be increased.

A locksmith can install a biometric lock to help you avoid this type of concern. Biometric units don't use keys. They rely on fingerprints to engage or disengage the lock so there's no need to worry about your key ending up in the wrong person's hands. Additionally, since you have the control to remove fingerprints from the system instantly, you can better regulate who has access to your home.

Assess Wear and Tear

A lock that has far passed its expiration date can be troublesome since locks in this condition are generally easier to break or pick. A worn lock will generally show significant signs of rusting, it may be cracked in certain areas or it might be tarnished. In the event of a break-in, the insurance company might determine that your negligence in replacing the poor quality lock somehow contributed to the incident. This type of judgment could leave you with higher premiums to pay.

It's a good idea to have a locksmith come out and assess the condition of your locks from time to time, especially if you have had the same locking mechanism for a number of years. If the lock is worn, the locksmith can update the unit before you're faced with this type of scenario.

If you want to keep your home more secure and lower your homeowner's insurance premium, speak with a locksmith, like Top Security Locksmiths, about which upgrades are right for your home.