Three Ways To Make Your Backyard Look Even Better

26 July 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


As a homeowner, the landscaping for the backyard may start and stop with keeping the grass cut and the bushes trimmed. However, to really enjoy the space, it might be time to do things that make the yard look even better. The three suggestions that follow can beautify your backyard without much work.

Decorate with Pre-cast Stone

Stone can be a beautiful material to decorate your backyard with, but it can be somewhat expensive, particularly if you want large pieces. That's why it's a good idea to use pre-cast stone instead. Pre-cast stone is actually created by mixing cement and various stones and pouring that mixture into a mold to form different shapes. Because it contains cement, pre-cast stone is usually not as expensive as natural stone. Moreover, unlike natural stone, pre-cast pieces can be a variety of colors, allowing them to be used in a number of visually-interesting ways. You can line a path with them or block off your flower beds, for instance.

You can also use precast stone blocks to create a beautiful firepit. A firepit can provide hours of fun for talking, making s'mores and warming yourself when the temperatures start to dip. Of course, before making a firepit, be sure to look up; ensure that the site you've chosen isn't underneath any trees or utility wires that could be affected by fire. You might want to put the pit in the middle of the yard to lower the chances that flames or flying embers will cause a serious problem.

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Install or Erect Water Features

Another way to make your yard a place that everyone wants to go is to add running water or a pond. You don't need the kind of extravagant water fountains that you see in many major cities, but even a simple fountain with one spout can be a soothing addition to the space. A small pond surrounded by precast stone blocks can contain small fish.

Try Different Lights

If you're like many people, you might use your yard at night. You may simply turn on the porch light or use candles to illuminate the space, but you can do a lot more. The right lighting can add drama to the yard and highlight different parts of the landscape. For example, well-placed spotlights can light up your flowers so that they can dazzle guests even after the sun has gone down. Deck lights can eliminate the need for candles so that you can see where you're walking. If you aren't quite sure how you should run the cords or set up the lighting, a landscaper can provide assistance.

Whether you add pre-cast stone, lights or water features to your yard, you are sure to make your backyard look more inviting. Keep looking for new ways to make your yard beautiful; talk to a landscaper to get more ideas.