Purchased A New Wooden Bathroom Vanity? How To Keep It Looking New

22 August 2016
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Wooden bathroom vanities are beautiful no matter the type of wood they are made from. Most manufactures that make wooden bathroom vanities put a sealant on each of their vanities to protect them from small amounts of moisture or humid air. Over time, this sealant starts to wear down and once this happens, water left standing on your vanity can damage it by causing stains, water spots, and mold and mildew. A lot of dampness will damage the wood over time. Below are some tips on how you can care for your new wooden bathroom vanity to keep it looking new.

Remove Spills Immediately

Any spilled water or any other type of liquid should be wiped immediately. Use a soft cloth to blot the liquid instead of wiping to protect the finish and sealant. If you wipe the spill and do this on a regular basis, you will eventually wear away the sealant. Keeping your bathroom vanity dry at all times is the most important thing you can do to keep it in good condition. Talk with your family about blotting up spills when they finish using the restroom and show them how to properly do this. Over time, it will become a habit for all of you.

Remove Dampness

After a shower there is generally dampness in the room, including on the vanity. The best way to keep this dampness down is to use a bathroom exhaust fan while using the shower. This fan is generally installed on the ceiling. Another way to lower the amount of dampness is by leaving the bathroom door open a little, and if the bathroom has a window, open it while the shower is being used.

There are small, portable dehumidifiers that work well for this purpose. Simply have it turned on during the shower. This dehumidifier will remove humidity from the air, thereby removing moisture.

Leave the soft, dry cloth close and instruct your family to remove the dampness when they finish using the bathroom.

Do Routine Cleaning

At least once per week, and more often if a lot of people use this bathroom, do routine cleaning. This simply involves wiping down the wood vanity with a dry, soft cloth. Rub very gently in the direction of the wood grain.

Refer to the guide that came with the wood vanity on the proper cleaning products to use to clean the vanity if it becomes very dirty. Using the wrong type of product can damage the finish, which will eventually damage the wood.

Ask a professional like Royal Bath Place how often you need to reseal the vanity.