Landscape This Fall To Improve Your Property This Spring

2 November 2016
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog


If you take care of some landscaping now, your yard will look better in the spring after the long winter. Talk with local landscaping companies about ways to protect and preserve your yard, garden, and beds so that in the spring, you will be ready to make it beautiful!

Some fall landscaping tips include:

Trim your trees. One of the most important things you can do to get your yard ready for winter is to cut down any branches or small trees that could be damaged during windy weather. These could pose potential problems when they break free in heavy gusts. Hire a professional to trim them right, and to promote growth in the spring.

Poke a few holes. Walk across your lawn or yard and poke small holes, around an inch in diameter, in the surface, around an inch deep. This can help with run-off, and will make water absorb quicker which can prevent build-up of ice during colder months.

Bring in some stone. Place bricks or pavers around your beds and gardens to preserve the garden and to prevent run-off from ruining the edges and borders. You will be able to easily pull these in the spring, clean them, and replace them after planting.

Mulch your grass. Mulch does many things; for example, it helps insulate and protect your bulbs during the long winter. It also prevents damage to turf and lawns from snow and ice, while curbing weed-growth in the summer. Invest in a coarse mulch, like cedar or redwood, and layer it thick on your gardens and lawn, covering every square inch if possible.

Cover your gardens. Pick up a roll of gardening fabric, usually a black, woven material, and cut to fit your gardens and flower beds. This should be applied under the mulch and after weeding, to protect and insulate, particularly in colder regions.

Beef-up your lighting. Since the solar lights in your yard may not work as well during winter, depending on where you live, beef-up your lighting system this fall. Bring out some electric or battery-operated light fixtures, lamps, and features so that your space is adequately illuminated and safe for your family.

Before you throw in the towel on your landscaping this fall, take some time to get things ready for spring planting. Take care of your landscaping and keep it protected this winter, while still enjoying holiday accents and displays that require no maintenance. Visit home improvement stores for supplies to take care of your property's green-spaces. For more information, visit websites like